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More and more books are published on the topic of leadership each year. So why is the United States of America suffering such crises from its lack?

The likeliest answer isn't that we lack for throngs of influencers in this nation but, rather, we lack multitudes of godly leaders. We're glad that you're visiting this page. You were likely drawn to it by your interest in the issue of godly leadership.

Leadership Academy serves to identify the attributes all effective leaders share. Our aim is to lay a foundational understanding in the hearts and minds of Academy enrollees that serves to develop your potential to influence your world for Kingdom purposes. We've assembled presenters comprised of Open Bible's most effective leaders. They're excited to share the wisdom they've gained from decades at the helms of ministry and business.

Confer with your pastor about this. Get his/her take. See what that'll lead to.

Leadership Academy

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