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Feeding South Dakota

Huron Open Bible Church

We in Huron also partner with Feeding South Dakota, but the Giveaway is now sponsored by the Huron Christian Ministerial Association and United Way. It is held once a month at People's Transit in Huron, typically on the 3rd Thursday. We serve about 300 households with approx. 70lbs of food in about 2 hours.

Pastor Nick



Sturgis Open Bible's Thanksgiving Feed

We plated up 450 plates of food this year and celebrated 20 years of service to our community with this Community Thanksgiving feed, our local police and EMTs deliver all our meals! And we has 35 volunteers who stepped up to help, our local restaurant owner David who owns uncle Louieā€™s did a pie-raiser and people from all over bought a pie for them selves and then bought another one for the feed! We ended up with 109 pies of assorted flavors, we cooked up 15 large birds and 14 large hams! It was and still is amazing to us how many we feed in our little community of just over 6000! We were told that we were the only church ran feeding program in the northern black hills who did anything this year and the only free feeding program in our area that was open! God is good all the time!

Reggie & Jonetta
Sturgis Church

Feeding South Dakota's Mobile Food Pantry
December 1, 2022

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