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Monthly Missionary Highlight

Del and Joy Brown
Missionaries to Mexico

Del and Joy have a passion to advance the kingdom of God. They share God's love by caring for people in need, teaching God's Word, and winning the lost for Christ. Del and Joy network with several churches, orphanages, and the men's and women's rehab ranch, where several buildings have been built through the work of visiting teams. They conduct Bible studies in the women's and juvenile prisons and provide follow-up programs for those released from prison. Many people have come to Christ through these evangelistic outreaches.

Del shares: "'It's not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the Lord. It is an honor to be part of the family of God as we work together to advance His Kingdom."

Website: www.godisonthemove.com

Email: browns@openbible.org

2021 Credential Interview Date

November 2

Contending For The Faith
August 21 - 9:30am to Noon

Big Sky District Breakfast and Speaker

Corona Resources

Please check out these valuable resources for responding the the Coronavirus:

In addition, here is information sent from Open Bible on Bylaw Requirements During Government Restrictions:

One area that may require flexibility is the requirements in your church bylaws for a congregational business meeting or a leadership vote by a set time. If your church bylaws call for a meeting that cannot be completed in time due to gathering restrictions, I recommend you have your church board approve a motion documenting in the church’s board minutes postponement of the meeting. The motion can document the reason you didn’t fulfill your bylaw requirements in 2020. Here is an example of a motion that could be used:

Motion approved to postpone the 2020 church annual business meeting and required leadership votes beyond the required date stated in our bylaws until the lifting of governmental restrictions on public gatherings due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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