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Canceling Camp and Conference

MPR has decided to cancel Youth Camp and Regional Conference this year due to the Covid-19 situation. Mountain Plains Regional Board is concerned first and foremost with your health and safety and for that reason we have canceled both events this year.

After much discussion we took this action as we considered the following criteria.

1. Close contact with students and leaders for an extended amount of time is unavoidable.
2. Students tend to share food, snacks, and drinks while attending Camp.
3. Some churches are struggling financially and will be unable to help raise the required monies.
4. Families across our region who have lost income may be unable to assist their children financially to attend.

John Jimenez
MPR Executive Director

Paycheck Protection Program Update

Below is information concerning the Paycheck Protection Program.
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Church Website Grant

In an effort to assist our churches in the Mountain Plains Region, the regional board has approved $1000 grants for the establishment and development of your church’s online presence. We know our pastors and leaders are working diligently in these changing times to meet the needs of their congregations. Staying connected is one of the greatest challenges the church is facing right now. A quality online presence is one of the most needed areas for local churches to remain influential in their communities. Having a way for members to stay connected through giving, learning from the word of God, and outreach to your community is vital. We believe some of the resources provided will boost our pastors and churches morale during these uncertain times. Churches can experience enriched ministerial capability and provide much needed resources to the public while multiplying their church, Open Bible, and the Kingdom of God!

Download the full letter for details

2020 Zoom Credential Interview Dates

August 12
November 11


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Treasured Cinder Ellas' Ball has been rescheduled to November 6 & 7, 2020. More information will be forthcoming this summer.

Corona Resources

Please check out these valuable resources for responding the the Coronavirus:

In addition, here is information sent from Open Bible on Bylaw Requirements During Government Restrictions:

One area that may require flexibility is the requirements in your church bylaws for a congregational business meeting or a leadership vote by a set time. If your church bylaws call for a meeting that cannot be completed in time due to gathering restrictions, I recommend you have your church board approve a motion documenting in the church’s board minutes postponement of the meeting. The motion can document the reason you didn’t fulfill your bylaw requirements in 2020. Here is an example of a motion that could be used:

Motion approved to postpone the 2020 church annual business meeting and required leadership votes beyond the required date stated in our bylaws until the lifting of governmental restrictions on public gatherings due to the coronavirus outbreak.

MPR Resuming In-Person Services

Please read the following document for more information
In-Person Church Guidelines

Helping during this time of crisis

Here is a sample flyer that churches can use if they so desire to reach out to their communities. OBMP recommends printing it out on card stock or something similar, but definitely not copy paper. Bill prints it out on 5x7 or similar and mails to residents.

Sample Flyer (Powerpoint - .pptx format)

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