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May 2, 2021
Spirit of Life Open Bible
Pastors Jonathan and Becky Lumbard
3148 Dove Hill Avenue
Kearney, NE 68845

Testimonials about the Online Church Grant

Rick Brennan | Summit Open Bible
The grant money has allowed us to update and improve our computer model so that we can live stream and reach those God has opened the door for us to reach. We have also purchased a tripod and equipment to go directly from our modem. We are currently purchasing a camera that will work better than our ipad for better shots and clearer picture and sound. Thanks for all you do!!

Chuck Loftis | Heritage Community Church
Outside the way in which live streaming allows local church members if they're absent to keep up with pulpit ministry other present congregants benefited from each weekend, the far-flung effects of the gospel are undeniable, too. Our online attendance via live streaming on social media is most often 120% higher than in-person attendance. More important than mere online attendance, though, are the testimonies of the difference our preaching is making in viewers' lives.

Nick Helkenn | Huron Open Bible Church
The grant from MPR to improve our online services has been such a blessing to so many. Individuals around the country are now able to tune in to our services, many of whom would never attend in person. Several of congregants who are concerned about the virus, still have not come back physically, yet they are still able to participate in our services via the livestream. Livestreaming has become a blessing to so many! God be praised!

Jonathan Lumbard | Spirit of Life Church
Thank you so much for the financial grant to increase our online presence during the COVID-19 pandemic. In our particular situation we went 9 straight Sundays of completely online services with only essential personnel at church to help with media and worship. March 15th was our last in person service before our governor issued Directed Health Measures that included no more than 10 people meeting in a group. Our church had no online presence when it came to either on demand or streaming our services. Mostly it was because it hadn't become a budget priority. After March 15th there was an urgency to get online or have no way for people to participate in our Sunday services. We had to upgrade our internet, purchase computers, hardware, software, an additional camera, and subscriptions to online services that helped steam to various platforms. MPR's $1,000 grant really helped alleviate some of the financial pressure we had as we navigated brand new territory. Since then not only are our own people able to participate in worship from home we have also picked up quite a few new "online attenders". God is so good at taking what the enemy meant for harm and using it for good. Thank you guys so much!

Dunning Nebraska Open Bible Church
We purchased a computer with grant money to have adedicated computer for participating in online services from Spirit of Life Church.

Randy Brock | Open Bible Church of Rapid City
Open Bible Church of Rapid City upgraded its online platform, Internet bandwidth, Wi-Fi signal, Sound Booth PCs, and presentation software to enhance its online presence. The $1,000 grant from Mountain Plains Region was a great blessing toward these upgrades.

Midland Church
The Midland Open Bible Church has used it's $1,000 technology grant to purchase a new laptop with updated presentation and streaming capabilities. This has assisted them in taking advantage of services via Rapid City as well as discipleship resources through Rapid City's Right Now Media license.

Ron Rager | Open Bible Christian Center Billings
Thank you for the online grant to help our church be more successful with the ability of live streaming both the Wednesday and Sunday Services. The church members whether sick or just hesitant in attending the church services during these Covid times were blessed and able to keep connected. We also experienced a stronger presence in the community. It directed people to our website. Each week we try new ways to link people to us and help meet their needs.

Anthony Armbrust | Faith Fellowship Vermillion
The grant for Faith Fellowship meant that we could launch out into new things such as, video equipment and online outreach; as I heard the Holy Spirit instructing me, without having to worry about where the finances were coming from.

Sharon Stands | Arrow Creek Christian Center Pryor, MT
The audio equipment we purchased for Arrow Creek Christian Center, Pryor, Mt. has been used for church services during this pandemic. Services are being held outside the church as the need arises. Thank you MPR for your generosity.

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