Prayer and Praise

God is so good! We have a God who seeks each of us to be His own. He wants to spend time with us and for us to know Him—to have personal relationship with Him. Prayer is a part of that personal relationship. It is talking with our Heavenly Father.

We want to encourage you in your walk with the Lord and encourage you in prayer. If you would like to increase your prayer life here are some things that might help.

  • Ask God to help you increase your relationship with Him.
  • Set aside a time... an appointment with God – begin with a few minutes. God will meet your schedule.
  • Make it personal. Keep it personal. He said, “Call on Me and I will answer you.”
  • Include time to pray for the needs of others.

For those interested in a using a prayer list, four Prayer Lists are available to you by email request.

  • Praying for my Pastor
  • Praying for Open Bible Churches
  • Praying for my District
  • Praying for Mountain Plains Region

Reverend Margaret Brauer has faithfully served Mountain/Plains as regional prayer coordinators since 2007 and welcome opportunities to come to your area to pray with pastors or groups or to encourage prayer in your church or group. Please contact her at or by phone at 605-275-5597.

She especially invite you also let their office serve your immediate prayer needs, “If you have praise reports or prayer requests please send them an email. They will then forward to our intercessors if the email isn’t confidential (please indicate, if so).”

We want to hear from you!