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Summation from the Chicago Conference Church Planting

  • Our whirlwind conference in Chicago was well worth it. The topic was "How to Lead a Successful Church Planting Ministry," with the emphasis on long-term, sustainable growth. For people like me who are in the prenatal stages of church planting, this big-picture perspective is invaluable. It's key to avoiding the tunnel vision of focusing solely on our first church plant. Instead, it elevated our vision. Rather than a five-year plan-we're looking at the next fifty years. The conference material took a deep-dive into the eight key systems crucial in making this a reality. Thank you to Bill Jimenez and Mountain Plains Region for investing in us like this. It will pay dividends. - Jordan Loftis
  • I learned a lot from the church planting conference in Chicago. The main idea which stood out for me is the need for church planting to be the focus of Open Bible at every level, from the president to the newest church member. Historically, Open Bible Standard Churches at its very core was a church planting movement. And as I sat there with other Open Bible ministers and leaders, I caught the 'fire' they have for starting churches. "Multiplication starts at the lowest level." As Christians, we all have to buy-in to this principle to see the Kingdom of God grow in our neighborhoods. Every church needs to plant another church, lest our Lord return and find His talent buried in the sand...This conference was a complete paradigm shift for myself and clarified God's path in my own life. I am extremely thankful for Bill and MPR for having me attend. - Nick Helkenn
  • Being able to take part in attending the conference "How to Lead a Successful Church Planting Ministry" was very helpful. There was a lot of information given, not only for planters but also for planting organizations to continue to learn and grow as we move towards growth and planting churches. I am glad that Bill Jimenez and the region are wanting to move towards planting more churches and helping bring more life into our district, region and help other districts bring life into our organization. I know that being a part of this conference will help me greatly as I continue to work within the district (and even my church) as we look at various options and opportunities for growth and planting. Thank you MPR for this wonderful opportunity! - Brent Kelderman

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